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livin n dyin in TTT posted 30 April 2005 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by anor277, Didact


I agree with your assesment. The point I was trying to make was that Consult sorcery is almost certainly Gnostic. Why? Because in Achamian's epic account of the rise and fall of the No-God, he mentioned that Golgotterath was "reactivated" by the ancient Gnostic school of Mangaecca (spelling is right I think for once - but no umlauts). Now the Consult, which probably includes Non-men, men, and Inchoroi (at least one or two), probably practises both sorcery and some science/craft/biotechnology, the Tekne? The old father, the bird man, an Inchoroi, was certainly a sorceror. On skin spies (Tekne products?), chorae were ineffective, they are demonstrably not magical creatures and indeed Sarcellus himself wielded a chorae to fend off the sorcerous attack of Inrau (a Gnostic sorceror). I think we may reasonably assume that chorae would be effective against Consult sorcery, especially as Achamian once laments the fact that against the now active Consult, humanity possessed only a handful of trinkets. view post


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