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livin n dyin in TTT posted 30 April 2005 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by Atanvarno, Peralogue

Quote: "anor277":2djwu6pt
Posted by Morgoth B
In sum, all sorcery practitioners (not adepts, i.e. those who have never used their ability) are vulnerable to chorae (this includes Gnostic - Consult and Mandate - and Anagogic - Scarlet Spires, etc.- and Cishaurim sorcery) and a chorae holder is apparently reasonably invulnerable to direct sorcerous attack.[/quote:2djwu6pt]That's in an intresting question, do chorae affect the Consult?

I'm not so sure, unless I've missed something (very possible), the Tekne (can't find it in the book at the moment, but I'm sure that's the name), the 'magic' of the Consult, seems to me to be an advanced science, something mundane even if it is beyond the comprehension of those in the Three Seas. The chorae work because something about the metaphysics of magic, quite what remains unclear, allows them to do so, but if the Tekne isn't infact magic on a metaphysical level, but rather just a physical science - advanced biology - would the chorae affect it? I don't think so. view post


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