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livin n dyin in TTT posted 30 April 2005 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by anor277, Didact

Posted by Morgoth B

I have a strange feeling that the Zaudunyani will become a sort of Prophet's School- one impervious to chorae (seeing as Kellhus, one of the Few, cannot be harmed by the chorae as we've seen time and again; i.e. the ring bound by chorae, and another instance where he handled one). I think Achamian will surrender the Gnosis towards the end of TTT, as he watches the Mandate be utterly destroyed by new Consult weaponry.

Just regarding Kellhus sorcerous ability, he is indeed immune to chorae, but as far as we know his immunity derives from the fact that he is not yet a sorceror. There are apparently other sorcerously gifted individuals (the Thousand Temples' witchfinders, the college of Luthyae, Luthymae? are an example) who are also immune to chorae because they too have never practised sorcery - uttering a cant apparently stains both the Unta (whatever that is) and the individual who spoke the cant. (Of course Cishaurim sorcerors do not share the stain, but they are manifestly vulnerable to chorae - Mallahet's interview with the Nansur emperor for instance)

When Achamian tests Kellhus with the witch doll, he says to him words to the effect. "you won't be uttering a cant, you'll still be able to handle chorae without discomfort". In sum, all sorcery practitioners (not adepts, i.e. those who have never used their ability) are vulnerable to chorae (this includes Gnostic - Consult and Mandate - and Anagogic - Scarlet Spires, etc.- and Cishaurim sorcery) and a chorae holder is apparently reasonably invulnerable to direct sorcerous attack.

I agree with you that Kellhus' Zaudunyani may become the basis of a little Dunyain prophet school, and that Kellhus will learn the Gnosis from Achamian. What Kellhus makes of the sorcery, as Achamian alluded to in the "Warrior Prohpet" is another matter, and this is one of the very things I'm looking forward to in the next novel. The question I'd like to have really answered is, where do the Mandate fit into this? They probably have other agents than Achamian in the Holy War, and if you look on the map, their stronghold, Atyersus (? is that right) is not far by sea from Shimeh or where the Holy War is currently camped. When are they going to make an appearance? Who are they going to discipline? view post


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