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livin n dyin in TTT posted 30 April 2005 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

I think that we may have seen the end of the skin-spy epidemic. Kellhus is able to see them, AND kill them without much trouble, not to mention EVERYONE reveres him as the Warrior-Prophet, plus he has achieved the Thousandfold Thought, which I'm going to assume makes him basically invincible. No, the Consult has worse tricks up their sleeve, and I hope we get to see them in action. I have a strange feeling that the Zaudunyani will become a sort of Prophet's School- one impervious to chorae (seeing as Kellhus, one of the Few, cannot be harmed by the chorae as we've seen time and again; i.e. the ring bound by chorae, and another instance where he handled one). I think Achamian will surrender the Gnosis towards the end of TTT, as he watches the Mandate be utterly destroyed by new Consult weaponry.


-Maithanet, possibly a tool of the Consult, combined with Xerius' Nansur, will lead an army of Orthodox Inrithi against the new Anasurimborites, thus beginning a second Holy War (in PON, we constantly see references to Achamian's Compendium of the FIRST Holy War)

-The Dunyain will be found by the Consult; their ignorance of sorcery and their helplessness against a Nonmen-Consult alliance will cause their ultimate destruction; they will find that the Shortest Path is the one to the grave

-After the last defeat of Orthodoxy, Moenghus, united with Kellhus and the schools who support them, will create a new Aspect-Empire with Shimeh as the capital; the Consult, enraged by their hideous failure to control the activities of the Three Seas, flood the war zone with armies of Bagrash, Wracu and Sranc

-We will see the evolution of a school that exceeds the power of the Mandate or even the schools of the Old Wars- immunity to chorae, possession of the Daimos, Anagos, Gnosis, Teneke and Logos- which side they will be fighting on, if any, is up for speculation view post


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