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Will the Fanim finally get a break? posted 29 April 2005 in Author Q & AWill the Fanim finally get a break? by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

OK, here's the deal: The account of the Fall of Baghdad that I mentioned is written by a Persian ploymath named Nasiruddin Tusi (well known for works on astronomy, logic and ethics). It is written as an appendix to another text, a long history of the Mongols. Both these accounts are written by Persian (bilingual also in Arabic) historians who at different times were attached to Genghiz Khan's grandson, Hulagu. The main account is written by a guy named Juwayni who only covers Genghiz up through Hulagu's destruction of Alamut (the mountain stronghold of the Ismailis, also called the Assasins). So Tusi wrote the appendix to cover Baghdad, which was conquered 2 years later and marks the beginning of the Ilkhanid rule of what is today most of Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is the English translation of the main text:

Juvaynī, ʻAlāʾ al-Dīn ʻAṭā Malik, 1226-1283.
Genghis Khan : the history of the world conqueror / by ʻAla al-Din ʻAta-Malik Juvaini ; translated from the text of Mizra Muhammad Qazvini by J. A. Boyle with a new introduction by David O. Morgan.
Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1997.

Unfortunately, the appendix has not been included in this translation (which is weird because the translator muses over why the author wouldn't include the fall of Baghdad - but then, the manuscript he is working from is full of gaps).

The main text should be full of juicy battle stories, politics and intrigue.

My offer still stands to translation the Fall of Baghdad part of the appendix, since I've already done a read through of it with a professor.

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