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livin n dyin in TTT posted 27 April 2005 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by White Lord, Subdidact

Iyokus is definitely still alive. To me he's a very ambiguous character (lots of clues on him being a powerful ally for either side), still I've got a gut feeling he may go over to Kellhus's side.

Actually, by the end of TTT I expect many characters will shed their current views on sorcery and religion (and even national allegiance). So I see Eleazaras himself along with the surviving SS (;)) and Cishaurim supporting Kellhus (it's the Mandate itself I'm dubious of). The name of the following trilogy (Aspect-Emperor) is very significant. Some think it refers to Conphas but I think we can safely assume it's Kellhus who is here referred to. Also at first I thought he'd rule an empire slowly expanding from Momemn and the Nansur lands, but right now I find it much more plausible that by the end of TTT Kellhus will be made emperor of the conquered Fanim lands (as a starting point) supported by the surviving Holy War and Great Names, with Fanim additions. Also very likely that the Consult, through the skin-spy rulers of the Inrithi will move against them. And here you have the basis of this Second Holy War Scott has been hinting at: the reconquest of the western lands by Kellhus and the Great Names.

On his timely success also depends whether the Second Apocalypse will be fought in the North or in the heart of the Three Seas. view post


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