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What is the Thousand-Fold Thought? posted 27 April 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat is the Thousand-Fold Thought? by White Lord, Subdidact

I think the thousandfold thought is the realization of the Logos, i.e. the knowledge one has reached the Logos. The object of the Dunyain is the discovery of the Logos, or, in other words, to become "self-moving souls", utterly free from the constraints of the world but also possessed of profound knowledge, and the fact that Kellhus, after coming down from that tree says (or thinks) among other things that he encompasses all the Three Seas, and that there are no obstacles or limits for him argues that he has actually discovered the Logos (along with Moenghus perhaps).

Now one has also to think on the nature of the Logos itself, at least in the context of the world of Earwa, since I can find in Scott's writing so many echoes of real-life mythology and philosophy, but with a totally different, syncretic shape that makes predictions of any sort very tough. The concept of Logos exists in the metaphysics of the ancient Greek philosophers, it exists in the metaphysics of heretical Christians (the Gnostics), and the Logos (or Eternal Wisdom) is something that can be incarnated into a human vessel. Since we know so little about the metaphysics of Earwa (and incidentally it's what TTT will mostly be about) we don't yet know whether you can attain the Logos through what the Dunyain have been doing (training mind and body) or if only a chosen person can get it through the intercession of some Deity from the Outside.

As things stand, I'm of a mind to think that only Kellhus, as some sort of champion of the God actually has or can know the Logos, since it will be of great help in fighting the No-God . . . Then again I'm also close to thinking that Kellhus himself may be an avatar of the God (remember Serwe mentioning that in the days of the Tusk men knew the gods and the gods walked among men as men).

Ultimately, though, I think that this esoteric dimension of the story is much more important than the religious/ethical musings the protagonists make. We know so little on the Outside or better yet the ultimate rules and underpinnings of the whole reality of Earwa and the other dimension/s (such as the Outside). Once we know more we'll be able to explain not only if the Dunyain themselves are deluded in thinking they can attain the Logos but also the nature of Kellhus (Messiah/Prophet, son of God/god incarnated or whatever).

Sorry for my incoherent ramblings (I'm half-asleep right now <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->). Hope to hear what you think specifically on my idea on the thousandfold thought, and of course your take on where we might expect the storyline to go in relation to the metaphysics of Earwa. view post


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