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Feelings for our protaganist posted 24 April 2005 in Author Q & AFeelings for our protaganist by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Well, of course Kelhus deceived Serwe. But she never did find out. Frankly, his deceptions made her deliriously happy on some level, especially at the end. (I frankly doubt she would have believed him if he tried to level with her.) In the context of the story, she is a concubine – a plaything – and then she is a piece of meat for pillaging tribesmen. Kelhus screwed up her life?

I am not defending him, and no, I would not want to be on the receiving end of that treatment, but, if you look at her quality of life, what sort of a turn did it take? You think she would prefer to end up giving birth to blue babies again as long as someone did the ethical thing and was honest with her? Seems like she went from bad to better. It may have been a blessing. Serwe almost wanted to be lied to, as long as someone made everything OK.

And, maybe Kelhus is what could be called a prophet. He certainly seem superhuman on many levels. This is not a defense. What he did is completely unconscionable. But what is the source of emotion? Truth? Doesn’t it come out of stories we tell ourselves or other people tell us about the meaning of things in the world? Do we comfort our selves with stories that the love we share with someone is truly shared, that we understand the word love to house the same meanings? Seemed to me that she ended up deliriously happy at the end of her life.

And, about differing views, when things like the right to abortion and birth control are under attack, people’s differing views ARE an attack on my personal sovereignty. When someone thinks the Bible (or any other scripture for that matter) should be the basis for education and law, I feel very under threat. It all depends on power and position no?

You think worrying if my extended family is the next to be blown to smithereens by patriotically fired up American troops (who have the support of a wide swath of a duped, ill informed, even willfully ignorant American public) is being a cynical chuckler? How about the fact that the government is pushing legislation through to severely censor the line of work I am in so that it adheres more to government policy.

Your theory of imposition is perhaps limited – so the US reinforced its own sense of sovereignty by bombing Iraq? Someone is going to take away my right to a safe abortion and then I will feel truly sovereign? I have no problem with someone thinking abortion is wrong, unfortunately that doesn’t translate into someone just not going out and getting one for themselves. And if the government wants to think it is the master of the universe, that is great, but unfortunately that generally means flexing some major military muscle. So civilized discussion is all good, but the differing views that I am talking about lead to serious consequences.

I don’t mean to dump this all on you in a deluge, but yes, people’s views often do threaten my life in very up close and personal ways that are pretty hard to ignore. I choose to deal with it by doing the best I can. If I got angry every time, I’d explode with hate. This was a real problem for me when people all around me were voting for Bush, who I consider a threat to me in some of the ways I’ve outlined above. So in order to not hate all those people, I avoid talking about those things, or I walk away. view post


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