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Do you believe a God exists? posted 24 April 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Cynadar, Candidate

I believe that the possibility of any higher being is a paradox in itself. First of all, take the concept of time. We say time is infinite, meaning it spans an incalculable amount both forward and reverse. How can a being simply come from the start of that which has no beginning? The universe is also limitless, so how can there be nothing preceding the existence of a supreme power? He had to come from somewhere, but nothing could exist before Him...

Next point, how can an all-forgiving god send someone to eternal damnation for no wrong-deed; for just being raised different (such as Christians saying all Muslims (for example) will burn in hell. How can something all-forgiving send someone who was raised Muslim his whole life, and was otherwise a good soul to hell?)

This next point is just toward religious refernces based on Christian beliefs. Noah's ark: Noah fits one of every animal onto his ark. Did he manage to get one of every species of whale, fish, shark and other sea organisms? Did he have knowledge enough to build an aquarium with the correct ratio of salt and water, while maintaining size enough to fit these animals? Why would there be any point in doing this? But why would the bible say "two of EVERY animal?" How does that make sense? And take all the recently discovered species of animals dwelling in the rainforest... did he also manage to discover them and load them up on the boat?

Next attack on christianity: Lucifer. God creates Lucifer, knowing that he will be betrayed by this very being. WHY??? Or, you can take the other answer to this: he truly isn't God, he isn't omniscient and omnipotent. Can a god lie?

Well, that's it for my religious rambling attacks... view post


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