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The Destruction of the Dunyain posted 20 April 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Destruction of the Dunyain by Andrew, Peralogue

When the Dunyain scrubbed the walls of ishual and burned the magic books, they had just barely escaped from the wars and destruction unleashed by the consult - they were haggard and diminished survivors. I've always taken their actions as a symbolic rejection of the world they had left behind. The Dunyain seem to value isolation and a pure search for the Logos as the only thing worthwhile. They reject gods and magic as superstition, so i don't think that they were intentionally making themselves findable by those acts. Also consider that they did that stuff 2000 yrs before the setting of PoN.
In respect of the manipulation of faces which the dunyain engage in, from what I recall they have simply discovered that direct manipulation of the brain via needles causes physical manifestations of certain emotions. That is not on the same order, or even of a like nature, with the Tekne, through which the consult is able to construct NEW beings with specific determinable attributes.

I think i have to revise my random prediction about the Dunyain collectively being taught the Gnosis. Seems to me that all the Dunyain who received the Dream from Moenghus went and killed themselves (except for Kellus of course). The only other example of dream communication we have is when Akka contacted his Mandate brothers (ie. dream communication between the Few). If dream communication can only occur between the Few (or alternatively, if only the Few are easily findable by a sorceror who must search out persons from a distance), then all the Dunyain who received the dreams and killed themselves, would be all the Dunyain who could learn sorcery. view post


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