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The Destruction of the Dunyain posted 18 April 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Destruction of the Dunyain by Cynadar, Candidate

The only problem with the Dunyian being found is: currently two men (outside of Ishual) know where the fortress is. The consult will have to resort to actual searching (unlike the torchuring scene that cncluded the Warrior-Prophet). If they are to find the Dunyian, who's to say that the consult will decide to kill them? Perhaps they will propose a pact between the Conditioned to destroy the rest of the world? Imagine the power achieved in an alliance of Conditioned and skin-spying Consult! Imagine if Kellhus, Moenghus, and the rest of the Three-Seas have to take on the power of the full Dunyian army and the Consult. That may be how Kellhus turns out to be the Harbinger of the Second Apocolypse. This seems an almost impossibility. But who knows what that crazy Mr. Bakker is setting up in the conclusion to this great series.... view post


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