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What is your favorite sport? posted 14 April 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by Faelcind Il Danach, Peralogue

1a. Mixed Martial arts. To me this is the truest sport. IMHO sports are ritualized warfare and MMA is sports at its most direct and true. As lifelong martial artists its infineatly interesting to see the technicians of the sport at work.
1b. Gymnastics I am gymnastics coach and a bit of a gymnast myself its just incredible to see and perform acrobatics, the feeling of doing a well executed backflip is incredibly exhilirating. Gymnastic as sport is unfortuneatly flawed by the need for judging but man its beautifull to watch.
3. Basketball its just the most watchable sport easy to follow lots of displays of spectacular atheletism, rarely slows down.
4. Gaelic football and hurley haven't seen these sports much but they're very watchable and look immensely fun.

Honourable mention to parkour which is not a sport but an activity as their is no competive element nonetheless its an amazing way to express the human body. view post


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