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Will the Fanim finally get a break? posted 12 April 2005 in Author Q & AWill the Fanim finally get a break? by H, Auditor

I'm sure that once Zeum rises, as has been alluded too, the Fanim will get their 'revenge.'

Scott, this has me wondering, i can't remember if you've commented on this before, but i seached and didn't find anything on this. As of the begining of the PoN series (4110 YotT) the Fanim are only about 400 years removed from whatever faith they had before the coming of the prophet Fane. This has me wonder, what was their faith (if any) before this?

Also, as we see in TWP, the Fanim are quite comfortable in the desert, and for some reason i have an idea that they were nomadic before the comming of Fane (i might have just made this up). I'm not sure if you had said this before or not, my second question is, if they were nomadic before the coming of Fane, what proportion of their population still lives in this tradtional way? And if it is a significant proportion, what is their views of those who do live in the cities?

Lastly, i've been wondering about one fact for a while. From what i understood from TWP, Kian is basically all desert (there is never any sort of forrests described from what i remember). But if this is true, how could the Fanim field such a massive mounted army? I'm not sure, but i think they ride horses predominantly, not camels, i can't find a reference in the book right now. A horse eats and drinks quite alot, and i can see how the Fanim could water them (there's always water in a desert, finding it is the hard part), but all that fodder? I'm not expert, but most large scale cavelry opperations were only feasable in areas where the horses could graze. I found this:

Quote: "":1727db1g
A maintenance diet for a 1000 pound horse is typically recommended to be about 16 - 17 pounds of hay and 3 pounds of grain per day . As a horse's workload increases, moderate these recommendations by changing to 25 pounds of hay with 6 - 7 pounds of grain per day.[/quote:1727db1g]

Say there were only 1000 horses, that is at least 31,000 pounds of fodder per day, and the riders need to eat too. I think it'd be more, as that estimate is not for a war horse, but for a horse who maybe trots all day at best (and not wearing any armor plating, or carrying much). From the way i remember the battles being described, the Kianese are almost always depicted as being mounted, i was thinking that half their army consisted of cavelry. I also remember somewhere the Fanim army being estimated at 50,000 troops (again, i may have imagined this). That mens there would be 25,000 horses, and 25,000*31 pounds of fodder=775,000 pounds of fodder a day, just for the horses. From my limited knowledge, having that many horses in one area was not even possible during the American Civil War, when they had trains and alot of rivers to aid in suppling.

Additionally, it seems that they are quite fond of the use of archery, which i would imagine would use alot of wood to keep supplied with a constant source of ammunition. Again i was under the impression that most of that would need to be scrounged up while the army marched, as carrying all that with you would be a logistic nightmare.Then again i'm not a military expert at all.

Or am i just wrong about the geographical make up of most of Kian? Or perhaps i'm just way overestimating the Fanim use of archery/cavelry because it is distorted way in which the Inrithi would see them (being so foriegn)? Or should i just shut up and susped disbelief? I'm not critiquing, just asking if there is some aspect of this i'm missing. view post


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