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Will the Fanim finally get a break? posted 11 April 2005 in Author Q & AWill the Fanim finally get a break? by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

As I was flipping through Carole Hillenbrand's "The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives," the other day (on a major procrastinative detour from what I should have been looking for) I was wondering if we ever get to see things about the Fanim, besides the remnants of their almost always exotic and decadent accoutrements. I feel like much of what we see in TWP is the exoticized objects left in their wake or their banner from a distance. This bothered me a bit, although I realize this is because a lot of this is told through the perspective of the Inrithi, to whom Fanim would probably seem both effeminate/decadent and fearfully ferocious (that intertwining of heresy and sexual perversity/gender chaos), I wonder if this does not bleed into the omniscient perspective descriptions… (or are they omniscient from the perspective of the Inrithi army?)

The more human moments of everyday life have been few – the only Fanim we see are grandees or the padirajah, or as faceless victims of plunder… no fat sorcerer or savvy whores that break any stereotypical images and let us see what is going on from within… but perhaps you are saving this for future books. Perhaps it will be introduced as Kelhus meets up with daddy’s helpers. view post


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