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Bad, bad book. BAAAD. posted 08 April 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionBad, bad book. BAAAD. by Cohen, Peralogue

WoT is a great series and, like other books there is the place where it gets somewhat slow and because it is so epic in scale, that just makes the stall seem much larger. Im on book five so im not fully done and im reading Erikson now but its a long series... its how its written... maybe becuase ive not read it all im not understanding exactly how boring it is but idk, i took a stab at it.

I also made it part way through book 5 of the WoT series untill I just didn;t care anymore....I am the dragon reborn I am not the dragon reborn....blah blah bla yada yada yada the world ends. I didn't even think Rand aand Perrin were still in the book and it's on # 7 now? This should have been a sextet at most I still shake my head when I walk by the series in the book store..Loved the first three and some of the fourth but com'on end it already view post


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