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A few questions . . . posted 01 April 2005 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

I haven't been looking at the history of Earwa so much from the standpoint of an 'absolute observer,' as from from the standpoint of what is known or thought to be known at the time of the Holy War.

This is very cool. So many historians tend to by pass the fact that we have to deal with the history of texts (and the historical insight they afford us) as much of the historical information they can impart.

As one of my favorite historians notes, "there was a significant dialectic between empirical observation and lived experience of some form, and the generation of these texts" (59). There is the issue of circulation - popularity and acceptability for cultural reasons, as well as thing just being lost (like libraries burned in war time). The sum of all knowledge is formed by what is written and what circulates at a given moment. A text is not a linear accumulation of knowledge because it “did not exist in isolation from a structuration imposed by a brute and shifting empirical reality, manifested not least of all in the loss, mutilation and censoring of texts and voices from the past" (60).

(From Sanjay Subrahmanyam's Penumbral Visions)

I really like the idea of not everything being able to be known in Earwa... so like our world (however such a condition may be glossed over.) At least that's how it looks for weird history writers like me whose idea of history is outside what is encompassed by official archives and libraries. view post


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