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What is your favorite sport? posted 31 March 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by Epitaphs, Candidate

Quote: "Alric":32sj9jkz
Well, CFL is more of a sport than Arena League Football.

As for March Madness, the weekend's games were quite good. I've never seen as many close, overtime games. It was very entertaining. Of course, my bracket is completely shot now.[/quote:32sj9jkz]

Arena football is a joke. The only thing it's produced is Kurt Warner. Oh well--I live in Des Moines, Iowa, and our old team the Barnstormers(who Warner played for, actually)is the closest thing we've had to a pro team.

How sad is that?

Bah to the elite 8. A pox on their houses and their arenas. The games themselves were so great though. I was in first place in my non-monetary pool for the longest time, now I might as well stop paying attention. Oh well. If the games continue their goodness it'll still be worth it. view post


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