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World-building posted 14 March 2004 in Writing TipsWorld-building by Malarion, Candidate

I think the only way to get the right map is to draw one, work on it, think about your story, and decide where this map works against it. Once you have done this, redraw it, go through the same procedure and keep repeating it. Its unlikely you'll get it right first time (or second etc), but its necessary.

Also, before your start right down all the conditions you require for your map (key cities, countires, areas for potential battles etc). This will help guide you. And never complete it entirely. Allow blanks. You'll need the freedom to expand when you get writing.

As for getting the geography right...

Thats a hard one. How hard depends on the scale of your map. If you're drawing the whole world then its a difficult problem. If its just an area then the task is a little easier. Perhaps the best start is to work out the direction of the prevailing rains. From there you should be able to work out what areas are wet and what are dry etc.

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