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Another Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) posted 16 March 2005 in The Warrior ProphetAnother Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "Twayleph":e5s2z6pq
Speaking of the Cishaurim : I wonder, has anyone made a theory on why the Consult wants to destroy the Cishaurim so badly ? Considering that, before Khellus, they weren't aware the Anasûrimbor lineage had survived, they couldn't possibly have known all about Moënghus ; at most, they knew him under wathever identity he's assumed in Earwa.

Do you think their manipulation of the Holy War is all about killing Moënghus, or the fact that the Consult can't see them as the Few - or maybe a deeper effect of Psukhe ?[/quote:e5s2z6pq]

I think the enmity may have started when the Cishaurim began eliminating the skin-spies. We know Kellhus has been able to identify them from the start, so we can assume that Moenghus could do the same. Having the skin-spies taken out, one by one, would be a severe blow to the Consult, especially if the trend spread throughout the Three Seas. We know Moenghus has trained his followers in the way of the Dunyain so they could unearth the skin-spies too.

However, this could be only part of the answer. From the dialogue between the synthese and the skin-spy it seems the Consult have great respect for Cishaurim sorcery. I'm positive the Psukhe is going to develop into the strongest form of sorcery (maybe with Moenghus's and Kellhus's help). What we know so far is that it is founded on a new metaphysics (a few hundred years old at most) and the lack of the onta makes it very significant, since it would presuppose some form of 'divine' sanction, if the Mark is absent. Also consider that it is already almost as formidable as the Anagogis which has been around for thousands of years. With minds such as Moenghus and Kellhus working on refining it it could become a very powerful weapon.

The Consult uses Gnostic sorcery. As long as all they had to fear was the Anagogis or the Gnosis of the few Mandate sorcerers all was fine. But the Psukhe is invisible to them, with who knows what advantages over the other metaphysics, and the Cishaurim are probably as big a school as the Scarlet Spires, and a powerful threat.

Also if the Cishaurim, through Moenghus, have certain knowledge of whom they are fighting, and if they have initiated skirmishes against the Consult, with positive results, this could have caused the Consult to use the kind of hammer the Holy War represents.

One of the small hints that the Cishaurim may have taken up the Mandate's fight is the thought Achamian has of some Cishaurim attacking him while he was in Shimeh. What if they were not attacking him but trying to communicate with him or take him to Moenghus? Could also explain the interest Maithanet has in Achamian, if he's in any way connected with Moenghus's plans.

Also as an aside on Achamian, I've been steadily coming to believe he could be either the reincarnation of Seswatha or some sort of disciple, one who could carry on his work (or if my theory on Seswatha being still alive in the Outside is correct, as his Chosen). If his role is to be more than Kellhus's teacher, then the Cishaurim contacting him, and Maithanet showing interest in him would not be so strange. view post


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