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Another Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) posted 13 March 2005 in The Warrior ProphetAnother Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) by Brady, Candidate

Moenghus has lived in the big, wide world for 30 years now, but people only seem to look at how Moenghus would have effected and manipulated the things around him. What about viewing it from another angle? Kellhus has been away from the seclusion of Ishual for a period of roughly 2 years, and he is already changing. His Dunyain control is starting to slip. He is beginning to experience emotions for the people around him. Pity, for Cnauir. Love for Esmenet. Sorrow (possibly) and grief for Serwe.

Its only taken 2 years for the "Conditioning" to slip. Not totally, but enough that Kellhus no longer has complete mastery of his emotions. And Moenghus has been amongst these 'humans' for ten times and more as long as Kellhus has. Is Moenghus still an unfeeling, manipulative creature? I doubt it.

The emotional changes that Kellhus goes through is the reason (I think) that the Dunyain are fanatical isolationists. They know how much the world can corrupt thought and emotion, even for one of the Conditioned. A Dunyain at large in the world does not lose his awesome powers of manipulation, but he may start to lose his self mastery.

So, why would Moenghus set himself against the Consult? Because he cares about the world, and the people in it. He's spent thirty years in the world. It has affected him. He does not want to see it destroyed. So he sets himself, and his awesome power, directly in the path of the Apocalypse. The Consult know this, which is why they are so desperate to destroy the Cishaurim.

And that is why he has summoned his son. Moenghus knows that the Three Seas must be united against the Consult. But the religious divide between Inithri and Fanim is too great. There is to much hatred on both sides. He engineers the Holy War, an act which unites the Inithri factions and the Fanim factions (on opposite sides), but he can't control it. Just as Kellhus observed in TDTCB, the Holy War has too many leaders, too many people, too many variables involved to make predictions on it's outcome. How can Moenghus control and manipulate this massive, many-headed beast called Holy War?

Through his son. The father unites the Fanim. The son unites the Inithri. The men of the desert join the men of iron, under father and son, against the Consult.

Well, thats one theory at least <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- s:P --> And it doesn't fully explain the presence of the Consult amongst the Holy War (unless they too are being manipulated by Moenghus into supporting the instrument of their own destruction) view post


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