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posted 13 Mar 2005, 18:03 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

There's actually going to be a nice fat entry on this in the TTT encyclopedic glossary. Like real faiths, it isn't consistent, and it contains within itself any number of divergent threads. The big thing to remember is that Inrithism is founded on Sejenus's reinterpretation of the traditional Kunniat faiths, whereby each of the old gods are thought to be 'aspects' of [i:1xu7lpxh]the[/i:1xu7lpxh] God. It is a 'syncretic faith,' both in theme and in practice. The Inrithi have no 'saints,' primarily because they do not parse the worldy and the divine the way we do, but they do have 'Kahiht,' or 'Great Souls.' They might pray to a renowned ancestor the way a Christian might pray to a saint. Piety and the redemptive value of suffering are two of its central themes. view post


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