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Excellent pointers to promote TTT posted 12 March 2005 in Author Q & AExcellent pointers to promote TTT by Mithfânion, Didact

Scott, Gyrehead posted this in the TTT forum but because I don't think you post there you may not have seen it. It was part of a small thread called "Scott's to-do list".

Gyrehead posted these excellent pointers which are worthwhile because they can be effective as well as very manageable because they don't require that much effort:

"Get a sample chapter posted as soon as possible and then make sure everyone from the heavy hitters in the rec.arts.written.sf newsgroup to the guys over at SFFworld all know about it.

Make sure to have a wellcrafted blurb to post on the various amazons when TTT is finally listed. Make sure it goes beyond the general to catch the fan who has read the first two books but stays broad enough to intrigue someone who has yet to take a look at any of the books. Include something unique from the various cover blurbs and listings that will draw people and have fans talking. This helps make sure that people don't wait for TTT to come ou in ppbk. Make them want it NOW and keep it that way.

Use this site to give out a little tidbit a week when the date is due. Like the wonderful blurb you gave from the glossary recently. Something that will keep the fans coming here to the site and get people talking.

The power of the internet, despite the lackadaisical apporach by most publishers, is still quite strong. On the Rec.arts.written.sf newsgroup alone, about 600 messages are posted daily and right now there are about three huge threads active that include your work being mentioned.

Not that you have anything else to do. But a little squeaking can sometimes get a lot more oil than you might think."

This rings really true to me and could do a great deal about buzz for TTT, whether it's a Canadian,uk or us release. The idea of a sample chapter on the site and then buzzing that around is very good, as is giving some though to a good (and not overly concise) blurb for TTT (you may already have done this).

I'm not sure myself if the third idea is quite so manageable (though it is good idea) because I don't really know what tidbits you could release. view post


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