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A few questions . . . posted 06 March 2005 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by Mithfânion, Didact

Wait a sec. Are you saying that TTT will be delayed yet again? How can that possibly be?

It was already scheduled for an June 2005 release. Then it was pushed back because Penguin wanted to give you and themselves more time so that they didn't have to "crash" the book and that they would have plenty of time to edit, which is why it was delayed until October 2005. You yourself have said all along that TTT was coming along superbly...... yet now it'll be delayed again? That would be so tremendously disappointing.

Why would stiff competition be relevant anyway? They don't even know that Martin's book will come out about that time and besides, they're a Canadian publisher. The US release of TTT isn't due yet for quite a while and that's where the competiton would be.

I don't get it. What is to be gained for Penguin? I could see why they delayed it from June till October but now yet another delay? That's just insane. They don't seem to give a toss about their readers at all. Do they even care about the many people anxiously awaiting this book? Apparently not.

Man, talk about bad news and seemingly endless delays. All this time looking forward to finally getting TTT and then finding out the publisher wants to delay the book again. This is infuriating. view post


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