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Do you believe a God exists? posted 28 February 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Anonymous, Subdidact

Quote: "Grantaire":2hkfbpzg
And/or what are your religious beliefs? Why?[/quote:2hkfbpzg]

"God" or "god"...? Not sure. I don't believe in the supreme being held up by Christianity, though, but I don't believe in the interpretation of "God" held up by ANY religion, either.

Still, I can't say that my own personal beliefs preclude the existence of a supreme being of some sort because they do. I just don't think that we can know the purpose of such a being and that it is pretty stupid to think that we can assign human values and traits to such an entity.

I believe that there is something greater than us and that we are part of some purpose but I don't think that anyone can know exactly what that purpose is or can fully comprehend a being that is so much more than us.

I don't think that the existence OR absence of a God or god or gods can be proven with logic, no matter how many people have attempted to do so. It is a matter of BELIEF more than anything else. view post


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