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Ong Bak Absolutely rules! posted 28 February 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionOng Bak Absolutely rules! by Faelcind Il Danach, Peralogue

You have all probably heard about it. Thai martial arts film has allready sweeped the world, getting its shot here in the states still on limited release, introduces Tony Jaa who is being crowned the new king of Martial arts films. As martial artist and gymnast I was awaiting this one very much, finally saw it last weekend and it was just incredible.

After all the wire fu movies that have come out recently as well as the decline in skills of Jackie and Jet seeing a really bad ass perform sans, wires, sans special effects was incredible refreshing. No that understates in completely. This movie was exhilirating it blew me away, it was an absolutely feast for the eyes seemed ever other moment I was ohhing and ahhhing and just genereally have paroxisms of Joy. You might have read the reveiws that said the plot was weaking and acting too, and I supposes its true, have you ever seen a true action film were that wasn't the case? Honestly the plott is much better then
the average such film, the acting is competent at least among the major players, the plot does its job and gets out of way. Then its just watching one of some of the most amazing atheletes ever getting put through their paces by an expert action director. Its beautifull, its brutal it blew my mind. Tony Jaa does things that just aren't human possible except that he does them. The fighting built around Thai boxing is genereally much more realistic and considerable brutal then the stylizied Kung fu you see out of hong kong and its awesome.

Theres not much more to say except this I do not buy films once is allways enough except in the rarest of cases Ong Bak is one such. I must own this film and watch it repeatedly. view post


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