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Do you believe a God exists? posted 25 February 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Echoex, Auditor

I come from a fairly religious background. My father is (was) a devout Catholic. My mother converted to Seventh Day Adventism when I was about 13. Both attend a Mormon church (because neither can stomach the other's religious subscription). My brother is Baptist because his wife told him to be Baptist.

I'm an aethiest because I feel absolutely no desire to believe in a higher power. My wife is agnostic and I'm raising my son outside of any organized church. I will most likely be disappointed if he converts later in life, but it's his choice.

My kin and contemporaries think less of me and are quite certain that I'm not a 'good' person. But, unlike them, I've never excused myself from an immoral act by exercising the "God will forgive me" clause. Rather, I strive to be a better human being and take responsibility for my downfalls and vices.

The "God will forgive me" clause is "lazy morality".

Why do I practice discretion and good will when I know it won't earn me any rewards in a hereafter? Because it makes our measly existence more enjoyable. This is the only life we have and we might as well enjoy it. view post


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