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the emperor Ikurai Xerius III posted 19 February 2005 in The Warrior Prophetthe emperor Ikurai Xerius III by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "RevCasy":1mxoagj4
I don't see why Kellhus wouldn't "rat out" all the skin spies. He and the Consult are pretty much at war now, and revealing the skin spies also strengthens his position in the Holy War.

And though I admit I am not Dunyain, I can't think of a reason to leave any skin spies alive.[/quote:1mxoagj4]

Yes, but then again, how many tens of thousands are there in the Holy War?

Kellhus is not (yet) omnipotent and I'd guess that even for him it would be a bit of a trial to sift the skin-spies out of so many people.

I guess the answer lies in training his followers in being able to recognise the skin-spies. I'm not saying he doesn't want to get rid of them, just that it will take a lot of effort and in the meantime they will probably be able to do much damage. view post


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