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Is Education the Magic Bullet? posted 17 February 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionIs Education the Magic Bullet? by Echoex, Auditor

"Culture and people are entwined. You cannot have culture without people and you cannot have culture without people. Culture does not make people, and people do not make culture, they are dependent on each other to exist. One cannot exist without the other."

I disagree with your statement. People create culture, and culture is typically manufactured from the excesses of society.

Consider points in history that 'defined' their epochs. The sexual revolution, for example, wouldn't have happened during WWI or WWII, but it was seething below the surface, waiting for an opportune moment to explode. Why? Maslow might argue that people had the bottom of their pyramids to concern themselves with (basic human survival) and had no time for idle thoughts such as the equality of the sexes. Ergo, excess that has become culture. view post


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