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Moenghus as Harbinger posted 15 February 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMoenghus as Harbinger by Andrew, Peralogue

i agree that it is important that only Kellus is currently known as an Anasurimbor. Kellus made the point to Akkamian when he was first told the Celmomanian prophecy, that there has always been an anasurimbor - living in Ishual. For that matter, given 2000 years since the apocolypse, probably every dunyain has a little anasurimbor in him/her. So the prophecy clearly cannot relate to the mere existence of an anasurimbor, nor to someone who knows they are an anasurimbor, b.c clearly the Dunyain have retained their names over the last 2000 years (or kellus wouldn't have known his own true name). If Moengus were known as an anasurimbor, i doubt that Kellus would have taken the consult by surprise. Clearly Moengus is some kind of dangerous mystery to the Consult, which is why the consult wants to wipe out the Cishaurim.

I don't agree with the point about Kellus' son being of great importance with respect to the prophecy or the victory over the consult - kellus is only 40 something. I'm sure that genetically he is a superior individual so he can reasonably remain vigorous and powerful well into his 60's or 70's - recall that the Pragma's who trained Kellus were old.
I think you'd need someone at the height of their powers to take on the No-God/Consult/whoever else - not some 20 yr old pup who lacked the benefit of a Dunyain upbringing. In 20 years Kellus will have mastered the Gnosis plus who knows what other magic and he'll have an empire to lead into war and he'll have his regular dunyain skills. What will his son have? view post


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