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the emperor Ikurai Xerius III posted 08 February 2005 in The Warrior Prophetthe emperor Ikurai Xerius III by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "anor277":1austdb7
Maybe we’ll have to wait for Achamian, or Kellhus, or someone with a few brains and a scalpel to perform a proper autopsy on a dead skin spy – so far all the emperor's gofers or those of the Scarlet Spires have done is to cut off their heads. Then again, maybe they didn’t find anything remarkable about their bodies.[/quote:1austdb7]

I'm sure there'll be at least some more info on the skin-spies in TTT. I'm not sure all of them have been eliminated from the Holy War by the end of TWP, so much could still happen in Book 3.

I put a question about them to Scott so let's hope he can give us at least a partial answer... view post


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