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the emperor Ikurai Xerius III posted 07 February 2005 in The Warrior Prophetthe emperor Ikurai Xerius III by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "anor277":r4q2jh9n
Regarding the observation that we've seen no "female" skin-spies, wasn't there a scene when it was implied that one of Esmenet's fellow prostitutes was a closet skin-spy?[/quote:r4q2jh9n]

From what I remember of that scene there wasn't any description of the skin-spy but it was stated that it was impersonating a female prostitute.

This makes me think of the confrontation between Sarcellus and Cnaiur in TWP where Sarcellus tells Cnaiur that his flesh had been folded more times than a steel blade. We also know that the skin-spies are extremely flexible, and have no bones.

This makes me think that they are not only able to shift faces but body shape as well. view post


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