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the emperor Ikurai Xerius III posted 07 February 2005 in The Warrior Prophetthe emperor Ikurai Xerius III by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "Erthaelion":adafy7fj
I speak neither of physiognomy nor the possible complexity of engineering. The way the skin spy operates, from what we read of Sarcellus, is on the promise of release. Its simply alot harder to imagine a sexual misfit as a female, on that vivid a level.

Not imposssible, but harder to visualize it being the same sickening creature, bent on release, coupling with corpses etc.[/quote:adafy7fj]

Yes, but then again these things are not human (or even natural), so it doesn't matter at all what they look like, or what their sex is. You simply cannot attribute any human traits to them. They could look like five-year-olds of either sex and still have these inhuman hungers and urges. view post


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