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Hello to the author and everyone... posted 09 March 2004 in Author Q & AHello to the author and everyone... by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Welcome Vanarys!

I have a tremendous amount of notes regarding Earwa that I've been accumulating since about 1980. And yet, I very rarely reference them - I've been living with the world so long it rarely seems that I need to. As far as world-building consistency goes, the only real MO I have is immersion and time. Being a dweeb helps...

As far as writing and writing advice goes, the single most important thing I think any writer can do is to join an online workshop (for me it was the old Del Rey Online Writers Workshop - the DROWW - which has since become independent and morphed into the OWW). There's so many skills that I learned there, and perhaps even more importantly, so many writers that I met.

As for the character-as-question vs character-as-answer issue. I really don't think there's an answer to which is 'best' - it all depends on what a writer is trying to accomplish. If, for instance, popularity and sales are the driving goal, then it seems to me that treating characters as answers is the best way to proceed. At least that's what seems to sell. For my own part, I try to let the story decide whether a character will be a question or an answer at any particular point. I actually look at Kellhus as an exception, in this sense. He is almost pure question - but then, THAT's the story! view post


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