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Another Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) posted 05 February 2005 in The Warrior ProphetAnother Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

All of this sounds credible, but I can't escape the feeling that Moenghus is really running the show. I think whether he is aware or not, Maithanet is doing Moenghus's bidding. How many people are Kelhus's flunkies without knowing it. How many know it and don't care.

They don't care because they can't see the level of manipulation. They internalize Kelhus's imperatives as their own desires. I think that when someone has been made to so something heinous, like Cnaiur, and becomes aware of the level of manipulation that made him want to do it, he grows enraged (and scared!).

But based on what's happened so far - Kelhus's transformation of man to prophet, forged in the fires of not yet fully consummated holy war - I feel like the object of this holy war (masterminded by Moenghus) is to forge his son into the prophet that can wield the Three Seas as the resource needed to fight the one true threat to the Dunyain father-son tag team - the Consult.

Because after all, it doesn't seem like the Consult knows how to play nice and share, and the Dunyain are not the easy meat of other mortals.

Forgive me if I've butchered the names, I don't have my book with me now... view post


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