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Okay - I just have to ask posted 03 February 2005 in Author Q & AOkay - I just have to ask by Annabel, Peralogue

Well, Mith, you just had to ask . . . guess that's the name of the thread.

Hmmm. I suppose you would cut off all the metal bits. Definitely boil the leather for a few hours until all the tannin came out . . . Toss in a teaspoon of black sesame seeds, oh, some shallots, some bok choy and a little love oil, stir and stir AND . . . yes, I know it, I'm totally full of crap. [Sigh] So, I can't have free shoes after the Apocalypse? Scott?

As for most women being obsessed with shoes (heels in particular), Mith, umm, HELLO! Yes, we are all obsessed with shoes. Even those of us who aren't clothes-conscious. Patiently take a women shoe-shopping, give a reasonable opinion, insist that she buy the sexiest pair of heels in the place and you'll win her heart (or at least another date to wear those heels). They are like babies to women - its sick. I equate it to the male obsession with speed and cars. view post


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