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Another Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) posted 03 February 2005 in The Warrior ProphetAnother Maithanet Theory (possible spoiler) by RevCasy, Candidate

I think you have found a clever explanation for Maithanet's actions given the information we have so far. And you may very well be correct.

However, the problem remains. Why would Maithanet help Achamian? Achamian is a member of the Mandate. A group in opposition to the Consult. He is not neccessarily a strong ally of the Holy War. He only cares about preventing the Second Apocolypse. How does this serve Maithanet's goal if Maithanet is, as you suggest, seeking vengance on Moenghus?

Maybe Maithanet was indeed manipulated by Moenghus. Only, he has never seen through the manipulation as Cnaiur has. Maybe he is simply what Moenghus made him. view post


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