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Character heights in Earwa posted 03 February 2005 in Author Q & ACharacter heights in Earwa by Mithfânion, Didact

Hey, that's very interesting!

Kellhus and Cnaiur are obviously tall men, as I had expected. Hadn't expected Achamian quite so short, but certainly short. The women's heights feel right as well.

I don't really know why but I had imagined the Cunuroi's average height as taller than men ( I guess it comes from their general " superiority " in terms of innate power) . Of course, the average height of the race of men (probably) isn't 6 ft, but the difference is still quite small. The Inchoroi are gigantic.

You forgot Mallahet btw. What about him? Or Skayelt?

I'd ask about Moenghus but since we haven't actually met him yet that's a bit premature. How about your namesake? Average height Cunuroi? view post


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