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Earwa Related babble... posted 03 February 2005 in Author Q & AEarwa Related babble... by Erthaelion, Candidate

I just read a review from a link from this site and wondered what your take on it was Scott.

Morgans review is predominatnly positive, but she knda knocks Earwa for often combining elements from different eras of the worlds history. She mentions the Nansurium combining elements of Rome, Byzantium and Egypt. What is your take on this? Do you think that combining cultural elements from different portions of world history can detract from the world when you have readers with acute academic tastes?

I know that I, for one, had a hard time pinning down roughly what era of history you were drawing from exactly until the TWP when I read the first battle scenes. When you wrote PoN the second time, after all your academic osmosis, did you picture 10th-11th Century Europe as a guideline? Or was it much more complex then that? view post


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