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Denver posted 31 January 2005 in Tour and Signing InformationDenver by Annabel, Peralogue

Scott: Will you come to Denver on tour when the Thousandfold Thought comes out? I'd be there with bells on if you do! I have a suggestion for you - ask your publisher and/or publicist to see if you could give a talk at the Tattered Cover - Denver's much-beloved independent bookstore. Another suggestion for your publisher/publicist for touring is 57th Street Books in Chicago (in Hyde Park - home of my alma mater). As for NYC, I think your best bet for lots of exposure is that publishing megalith - Barnes and Noble - but specifically the one located in Union Square.

I hope that you do tour soon - either independently or by going to one of those sci-fi/fantasy con events. I can't say that I've ever been to one but I hear its great exposure to acquire new fans.

Hope you are well. view post


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