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A few questions . . . posted 29 January 2005 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by Mithfânion, Didact

Interesting. I wonder if Jiricet would be widely cursed by the Nonmen themselves as well.

I also wonder what the exodus of the Nonmen would have looked like in reality. Would they have been cast out violently by Men or did it go rather peacefully (or perhaps they were too unassailable) (rhetorical question btw Scott). Or why Nil’giccas didn't return Jiricet (he must have foreseen major trouble yet still...)

Interesting that " twoheart" lived for over 200 years, proof that he did indeed have a " special " father.

Scott, is this then the main reason for the breach of contact between Men and Nonmen, or are there other reasons as well? Also, all of this begs the ineviatble question, do the Siqu still have a role, now that they are no longer councillors?

And on a related note, how high would you rate the chances of your average human warrior being able to take out a Nonman (warrior)? view post


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