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Best Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! posted 26 January 2005 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by Epitaphs, Candidate

I just like surprises, whether happy or not. Unexpected storytelling, done well, doesn't have to have death around every corner--it just works for Martin.

I can't even imagine how different his story would be today if he had let Ned live. The North wouldn't have seceeded, the red wedding wouldn't have happened, and some other stuff. Yeah. I need to re-read that series.

And honestly, how you could have enjoyed the ending to the Dark Tower, the Dark fuckin' Tower, is beyond me(though the only other person I know who has read all the books enjoyed it, so it's very possible I'm in the minority). I mean, I remember reading Wizard and Glass oh so many years ago, and that moment when Roland travels in to the ball, and finds himself at the Tower, and he shouts out how it will not stand, in the voice of a King.

And then he gets there and he has the mute draw the bad guy away. 'Cept his big flaming eyes.

That was a bigger disappointment then the VERY end. And I thought that sucked too. view post


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