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Your top 5 fantasy series... posted 23 January 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionYour top 5 fantasy series... by ilana richardson, Candidate

shockingly my number one pick doesn't seem to be listed. Something wrong there.

1. Margaret Weis/ Tracy Hickman "dragonlance" series
2. Margaret Weist "Star of the Gaurdian" series
3. R. Scott Bakker "PoN"
4. George R.R. Martin "Asongoficeandfire" series
5. David Eddings "belgariad"

I don't read eddings as much anymore but he's what started me loving fantasy. He's an incredible author and i read his books many many times when i was younger. I enjoy Bakkers now because my tastes have developed but to not give eddings props seems to me very wrong.

Worth looking at.

Richard A. Knaak "Diablo" series. Definately worth a look, not as developed as Bakker obviouisly, but still fun and dark.

And of course my all time favorite fantasy comedy writer, the funniest comedy writer of all time - Terry Pratchett view post


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