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Gonna jump in here. posted 17 Jan 2005, 01:01 by Quinthane, Candidate

The extraordinary enjoyment I got from reading these books has left the anticipation for TTT palpable. Fortunately, the level of insight and intelligent discussion that happens on this board serves as a pretty good balm. The speculations and questions posed here nearly always send me back to the story to find plot points or intrigues that I'd missed or was ignorant to the first time around. Talented authors draw talented readers. I'm proud to count myself among them, though it's an intimidating pool to jump into. However, I just finished both books a third time through and came away with a question or two worthy of asking. So here goes; 1-When a Schoolman comes in physical contact with the chorae do they get to role a saving throw? Or just straight up die. 2-During the march of the Holy War did everyone have to role to see who took first watch? Was it nightly or weekly? Did the Vulgar Holy War get destroyed because they forgot to do this and wandering monsters got them? 3-Is ‘Warrior Prophet’ a duel class or a multi-class? Cause you also refer to Kellhus as a coming up with his hit points and THACO musta been a bitch. 4-Is that little doll thing Achamian's familiar or just the result of a bungled Create Golem spell? and lastly 5)-If Kellhus were to put on a Ring of Contrariness.....would the man's head simply explode or what? view post


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