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the emperor Ikurai Xerius III posted 15 January 2005 in The Warrior Prophetthe emperor Ikurai Xerius III by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "anor277":5rejrkju
I agree, I think it's much more likely that Xerius' mother Istriya is a skin spy (perhaps replaced just after Skeaös was revealed). The evidence is very circumstantial of course, Istriya opposes Xerius' plan to spare Shimeh (and the Cishaurim) from conquest, which is presumably a Consult aim; however, Istriya would be uniquely vulnerable to replacement by a skin-spy. She takes numerous lovers and also chooses lovers for her son Xerius, any of whom could be a skin spy and could dispose of her and masquerade as her quite easily. All of this raises an interesting question, are the skin-spies hermaphroditic; can they change their genitals as well as their faces? Yuck, the mind boggles.[/quote:5rejrkju]

What made me think about her being a skin-spy was the scene where, immediately after Skeaös's death she brings that girl to Xerius, exploiting one of his weaknesses and then asking him what exactly happened to Skeaös in what seemed a very sinister undertone to me....

It is also possible (even probable) that she was removed immediately after Skeaös's death and replaced with a skin-spy for getting to the bottom of his death. view post


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