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Best Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! posted 07 January 2005 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by saintjon, Auditor

Spoiler for The Wizard


when it hit home that Able was friggin dead. Didn't take long, but i ought to have figured it out at the end of the Knight really.


I hear you on all points so far, I dunno if anyone's read Kate Elliot's Crown of Stars the part with the giant fire angels was pretty friggin extreme, not to mention the utterly amazing coolness of Alain's journey through a lost world in book 5 (I think it was book 5).

hmmmm what else.... that assassin war in Gardens of the Moon. Sweet. Vulgar display of power by Raiste was pretty kickass too.

Specific moments from Prince of Nothing for me would be that first battle against the Fanim in the Warrior-Prophet, and the part where those Scarlet Spires threw down against Akka. view post


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