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This time I got a question... posted 29 December 2004 in Author Q & AThis time I got a question... by Annabel, Peralogue

Painbird. Uh uh. You aren't being unfair to pop music. You are being too kind. 99% of the music MTV and the top 100 is manufactured SHITE. Really, its quite remarkable. Rythmically and melodically redundant, boring and derivative. Lyrically devoid of any real meaning or resonance with human experience. Most of the singing barely mediocre. Geez, its not even funny. [As an aside, I think the downward trend started in the 80's when the criteria for musical success was, like, really cool hair. Think Flock of Seagulls or glam metal.] Actually, I guess some of it is funny - inadvertently. I actually listened to the entire Country Grammar cd by popular artist, Nelly, and I had a stitch in my side by the end of it. All the "bitches" and "ho's" and "f--- this" and "f--- that" was just so relentless - I thought "what an outrageous satire". Unfortunately, I think it was not meant that way. [I suppose, in the end - if its got a good beat and you can dance to it . . . I will admit I've boogied down to some really bad music.]

Anyway, we should probably start a new thread - we can call it the "Luddites Bitch Here" thread. view post


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