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This time I got a question... posted 29 December 2004 in Author Q & AThis time I got a question... by Annabel, Peralogue

Agreed, Painbird, with SOME of the above. Actually, I think that the media, the press and the publishers underestimate the sophistication levels of the general populace. How else do you account for the international success of writers like Eco? He even got a movie starring Sean Connery. Or the success of the Passion of the Christ - it was in Aramaic for god's sake. Its not the level of taste that is the problem, its laziness. Americans are slothful - we like to have our culture spoon fed to us through mega-bookstores, chain record stores and the telly. And, bright sparkly things entrance us - we gravitate to those big, colorful ads, displays, etc. However, most people know good stuff when they see it and will spend the $$$ for it. For most fantasy fiction, frankly, it ain't Hegel or nuclear physics and, as with all good fiction, there is always engaging human drama. So, I just don't understand publishing. Can anyone enlighten me as to the underlying economics which are driving publishers to take fewer and fewer risks on new authors? view post


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