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Best Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! posted 20 December 2004 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by Voland, Candidate

I have to say a Song of Ice and Fire as well.

In Game of Thrones (is the first book not the name of the series) when Ned bites it, and the Red Wedding in Storm of Swords. The Red Wedding had me up till 6 in the morning reading just to get as far away from the scene as possible.

Erikson has some really great scenes too, but I'll refrain from posting them due to spoilers. Oh well, in DhG when Icarium almost gets really pissed in Tremorlor, and the end of the Chain of Dogs.
There are too many to list.

Uther Doul fighting in The Scar. Anything with The Weaver in Perdidio Street Station.

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