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Nicholas Eames Chapter Six posted 16 December 2004 in Member Written WorksNicholas Eames Chapter Six by Erthaelion, Candidate

I only skimmed through this quickly. Seems solid. I'll be more thorough over the holidays bud, give you a rundown. Much smoother.

Questions: Whats your setting supposed to look/feel like? Tastes of Greco Roman and Medieval. I really cant SEE your city. Is it described at all earlier? It felt, honestly, like the two chaps at the start were talking all alone beneath a statue that I couldnt quite picture, so I immediately saw cuirassed Augustus with his arm upraised.

Need work there. If its a busy forum, dscribe it. Bring the reader there.

In terms we both can understand: Akka in the forum when Maithanet declares Holy War. The bul;l with the kids on it, the Summoning Horn, the masses... the heat...

You can feel it.

The agora in Momemn with Akka, the skin spy, etc

Guy Kay is also magnificent at bringing cities to life.

Not sure if it was described prior, but regardless, give us a mood. Right off the bat. view post


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