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posted 12 Dec 2004, 00:12 by Gable, Candidate

Thanks for the swift reply. I hear ya, about the continuity within the text. Will do. And about your agent's e-mail...I asked because I'd already looked him up--googled him, actually, hehe--and found a literary agent website with him on it. I take it that's not the right course of action though? I'll be sending off multiple copies to publishers and, I suppose, literary agents after chirstmas...I just thought since you had 'kicked open the door' for Canadian fantasy writers in that instance--not to mention, I love the presentation of your books (in Canada, at least)--that it might be a good place to start. Ah well, we shall see. I'll be sure NOT to drop your name if I do! I'll just say that Terry Goodkind sent me. Haha..which reminds me, I had a brief correspondence with Ed Greenwood (forgotten realms creator) when I was in highschool. He lived in Ontario, near me, and actually took the time to edit a sizable peice of work for me. Very nice of him--except that he told me I had the same 'fire of good story-telling' as his last pupil--R.A Salvatore. At the time I hadn't read of the fantastical--and ludicrous--exploits of Bruenor Battlehammer and the rest of the generic D&D gang...but when I did....worst compliment I ever got! Hmmm....silly to put down the work of a puplished writer, I suppose. But, I mean, characters that chase thier dog into the woods behind thier house and are transported to a magical world of elves and faeries? HE STOLE MY IDEA! Anyway. Thanks again for the reply. A truly wonderful thing, this forum, and your attention to it. Thank you. view post


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